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Hemp Heart, also known as Hulled Hemp seed, is rich in omega fatty acids, protein, and fiber. It is filled with all 20 amino acids that will certainly help you with a lot of benefits. It includes the top nine amino acids that the body does not produce and you can get it from the food itself. This amazingly nutritious food is a perfect addition to the diet and this is why the demand for bulk hemp hearts is growing with every passing day.

How to consume Hemp Hearts.

These hemp hearts can be the best addition to all your meals. Not only it will help your meals get a better taste but also it will bring you a lot of health benefits. These healthy hemp hearts will prove to be a perfect option to have something more delicious and healthy at the same time. If you are thinking about how you can use these organic hemp protein powder then take a look below:

Take a look at how you can easily infuse this amazing ingredient into your daily diet:

  • You can have it raw anytime.
  • You can add it to any of your cuisines as they can enhance the taste of it to the next level.
  • You can consider adding these hulled hearts to different beverages as it will help you gain a lot of nutritional value as well.
  • You can even mix the hemp hearts with a glass full of water with the use of a mixer. In a matter of a few minutes, you will have hemp milk ready which is extremely delicious to have.

Nutritional Analysis

As stated above, the hemp hearts are composed of the best health elements in the form of nutrition, and amino acids that will allow you to remain fit in every which way.

Trans fatLess than 0.1g  0g
Saturated fat12.3g8.33g8.94g11g
Monounsaturated fatty acids11.8g13g11.1g13.0g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids68.2g63g71.40g75.4g

Frequently Asked Questions

Hemp seeds usually have a hard covering on the exterior. However, if the shell is removed through a process known as de-shelling, the soft inner core is of heart shape, and hence known as hemp hearts.

Hemp seed has a hard exterior shell with a soft pulp inside. On the contrary, if the shell is removed, the soft inner core is termed a hemp heart and it has a chewy texture. Furthermore, hearts are yellowish in color while seeds have a brownish appearance.

With the huge concentration of antioxidants and omega fatty acids, hemp hearts can help prevent neurological problems and oxidative stress. Furthermore, they also help in keeping cardiac health on the better side.

Hemp hearts have a soft and chewy texture, owing to which you can eat them normally without any other item. Plus, the hearts can be added to any healthy smoothie, including a banana smoothie. You can mix them with oatmeal or yogurt to have a chewy element in the food.

Hemp hearts are safe for almost everyone. However, if you are suffering from any chronic health problem, it would be better to discuss it with your doctor and then start consuming them daily. Also, try to maintain a proper quantity as per dietary restrictions.



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