Hemp Hurds

Hemp Hurd

Whenever it comes to hemp, great emphasis is placed on the fiber that can be gathered and the numerous applications for which it may be used (including cordage and textiles). However, fiber only accounts for a minor proportion of the plant’s total weight. It forms a thin yet robust covering on top of the woody inner core, protecting it from damage. The woody inner core of the hemp plant is referred to as “hemp hurds,” and while it is ineffective for the production of materials that demand long, strong fibers, it has a variety of uses in its own right.

You’ve probably heard of the material known as “hempcrete,” which is praised for its strength as well as its low environmental impact. Hemp hurds can also be used in place of hemp seeds for the hemp element.. Given the high value of the outer fiber as a textile and the hurd accounts for around 70% of the total weight of a hemp plant, it makes sense to employ hemp hurds for this purpose rather than other fibers.

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The wonderfully reasonable pricing we offer, as well as our exceptional logistical capabilities, both contribute to our high standing as the preferred partners of large hemp importers. The psychological joy of assisting impoverished agricultural communities in a mountainous Indian state is an added benefit.

When you purchase hemp hurds in bulk from us, you contribute to our social purpose of connecting the poor farming families with the growing global market for hemp hurds, which we are committed to achieving.

What is Hemp Hurds?

While bast fibers have traditionally been the central objective of traditional hemp production, Hurd fibers have long been regarded as a byproduct that should be avoided. The fact that manufacturers are discovering new applications for hurd means creating an industry out of thin air.

Hemp Hurd is frequently referred to as “hemp shives’ ‘ because they have a woodchip-like consistency. While many hurd products are similar to wood chip products, some are further processed to become construction materials. If you were thinking about making hemp hurd, you must get your answer now. 

One of the most astonishing things regarding hurds is that they account for approximately 70% of industrial hemp’s usable fibers, which is incredible. As a result, the production of hemp hurd products enables producers to common external trade byproducts, but that also helps to reduce the quantity of agricultural waste generated by hemp farms. As a result, the environmental advantages of hurd manufacturing are numerous and diverse.

Hemp Hurds Have a Wide Range of Applications

Bast and hurd fibers are found in hemp stalks, and they are both used to make rope. The best fiber on the outside of the stalks is known as best fiber, while the woody innermost layer is recognized as hurds. Hemp hurds are similar in appearance to flax shives, although they are softer and coarser. Hemp hurds, high in cellulose, have remarkable thermal retention properties. As the leading hemp hurd for sale in India, we ensure the quality of our products. 

Hemp hurds are resistant to noise and fire, making them ideal for construction. It is for this reason that hemp hurd is  a good insulating material. Hemp insulation effectively retains heat and releases it only when the surrounding environment is cooler. The usage of natural air conditioning helps make the world a greener place by reducing the consumption of nonrenewable energy sources.

Growing global considerations about the need for a more environmentally friendly way of life have pushed hemp hurds to the forefront of the construction sector. Hempcrete is made by combining hemp hurds with lime as a binder and drying the mixture. Hemp-clay is formed when the powder is combined with water. People are increasingly utilizing both as building materials, according to the EPA.

In terms of sustainable development, hemp clay outperforms hempcrete because clay is far more prevalent than lime in the world. Additionally, hempcrete requires water to set, but hemp clay does not require water to set. Hemp composites are completely carbon neutral in their use as insulation or construction materials. That is by far the most significant advantage.

According to the research, Hemp Hurd composites also have made significant advances in the automotive industry. More and more automobile manufacturers are using hemp Hurd composites for side panels & insulation. Plastic composed entirely of hemp hurds can free people from the dangers of plastic pollution if it is developed and implemented properly.

Hemp hurd is suitable for use in the production of paper. They are also excellent for use as animal bedding. Pet owners who are environmentally conscious have a strong preference for all these beddings.

During the densification process, hemp hurds are transformed into hemp pellets, which are a different type of substance. Pellets derived from hemp are anticipated to be acceptable for use in fuel-flexible pellet appliances such as stoves and boilers. These green pellets (also known as hemp pellets) produce approximately 2% ash. Because the vast majority of pellet stoves and boilers are developed exclusively to burn pellets with an ash content of less than 1%, they can be used in a much wider range of pellet stoves and boilers than they could otherwise be. You can buy hemp hurd in India from us at the most affordable prices. 

Hemp pellets, it is said, are not any more corrosive than wood pellets while burned, which is not the case with pellets generated from straw, miscanthus, or switchgrass, among many other materials.

Additionally, hemp hurds, another form of raw material, can be used to create hemp fill for various applications. If hemp fill is compounded and pelleted, it could be used in the plastics sector to provide a tree-free, ecologically beneficial agricultural filler that is also sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Hemp Hurd can assist in the construction.

The construction sector is another area that makes use of hemp hurd. Hempcrete is a concrete-like substance that can be produced from hemp. This is made by combining the material with lime and sand and mixing it thoroughly. Because the final product has significantly less density than concrete, it is significantly less fragile. Typically, it is used in conjunction with a frame to sustain the vertical weight on a construction site. Hempcrete is a novel building material that may be used to construct walls to alternative traditional materials. It’s fireproof and mold-resistant, which is a plus. It possesses advantageous acoustic qualities as well. Hemp hurd for hempcrete is available at the prices from us.

Hemp Hurd is capable of preparing your meals.

According to certain sources, hemp hurds can also be used as a biofuel. It can be used to power current pellet burners if compressed into pellets. When burned, the pellets produce only a fraction of the ash created by standard wood-based pellets, a significant advantage. This waste reduction is beneficial to everyone.

Hemp Hurd and bioplastics are two examples.

In its most basic form, hemp hurd is made up of cellulose. According to current research, it can play a key role in the bioplastics industry. One advantage is that it is less expensive. It will be a game-changer when the substance becomes economically competitive with present fossil-fuel-produced items.

Another factor contributing to Hurd’s ability to compete in this market is the rapid development of the hemp plant itself. This offers it a competitive advantage over other sources of cellulose, such as corn, which grows at a considerably slower rate. The aim is also that hemp-based polymer sources will prove to be more biodegradable than fossil-fuel-based polymers in the future. This may aid in the fight against the buildup of microplastics worldwide. In the plastics sector, this is a major source of contention. We are the only trusted and experienced hemp hurd supplier in India, offering hemp hurd at the most reasonable prices.

Hemp Hurd and Fiber Applications in the Industrial Sector

Hemp Plastic – Because hemp plastic is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, it is a significantly superior alternative to petroleum-based plastic.

Hemp Plastic is a type of plastic made from hemp.

Planting hemp can create 10 tons of biomass every acre per 4 months, but planting corn can yield 4 tons per acre over around two to three years.

Biofuel is an alternative fuel.

Hemp Textiles – Apparel and other textiles manufactured from hemp are not only more durable than cotton but are also more environmentally friendly. Hemp fiber is three times as strong as cotton fiber, yet it is smoother and more breathable.

Clothes made of hemp

Hemp Seed has a perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 linoleic acid to Omega-3 linoleic acid, making it an excellent source of omega-3 linoleic acid. Hemp seeds provide a complete source of all important amino acids.

Hemp Grain for Animal Feed

Hemp Hurd is an excellent material for animal bedding. Mold proof, mildew proof, and anti-bacterial properties are all included. Hemp Hurd can hold up to 450% of its weight in fluid.

Animal Bedding is a type of bedding for animals.

Hemp insulation seems to be in high demand due to its environmental benefits. No toxicity or irritation of the eyes, skin, or lungs has been reported. Hemp insulation that is environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

Insulation made of hemp

Hemp Hurd is an excellent environmentally friendly building material. It can be used to make hempcrete, mulch, bio-plastic, plasterboard, acoustic ceilings, insulation, and a variety of livestock bedding options, to name a few applications. Alpha cellulose, hemp cellulose, and lignin are abundant in this plant. Hemp Hurd has superior thermal characteristics when compared to other materials. Hemp hurds can be used in various applications in the building and construction industries. Hempcrete is the future material in terms of worldwide sustainable home construction.

Repurposing Hemp Waste to Produce High-Value Products

Hemp (Cannabis sativa) is a plant grown for its fiber (bast fiber), edible seeds, and various other items, including certain therapeutic products. Hemp hurds are the fibers that remain after the bast fibers have been removed from the hemp stem. They are considered a byproduct of fiber production since they are the least valued element of the hemp stem, even though they constitute the majority of the plant’s biomass. Even though hemp hurds have various uses, including animal bedding, construction equipment, and garden mulch, most people still see them as waste.


Uttarakhand is against the law to use fertilizers or other chemicals for agricultural purposes. Our hemp plants are grown entirely organically since we are deeply devoted to this forward-thinking approach for long-term sustainability. They require little more than mineral-rich soil, clean air, and a temperature ideal for hemp cultivation to be successful.

The leaves that trees drop and the excrement of grazing animals provide all of the additional nutrients that our plants require to thrive. The rest is taken care of by the knowledge gained by local farmers via their years of expertise. To demonstrate the quality of our hemp hurds, we have obtained organic certification and required test findings.


Hemp in India is more than just a for-profit organization; it is also a social enterprise. A constant state of poverty and hunger plagued the agricultural family of Rudraprayag before we intervened to ensure that the high-quality hemp they produce is connected to the increasing worldwide market.

In Mountain regions, seasonal migration in pursuit of income has disrupted family life and affected the normal routines of community life in rural areas. The inherent ethos of families and communities life has been revived due to Hemp India.

Choosing us as your bulk hemp supplier in India allows you to revel in the glory of saving families suffering poverty and enabling their children to attend school. A pure bonus that comes with our hemp hurds’ high quality will captivate you in their own right.

The wonderfully reasonable pricing we offer, as well as our exceptional logistical capabilities, both contribute to our high standing as the preferred partners of large hemp importers. The psychological joy of assisting impoverished agricultural communities in a mountainous Indian state is an added benefit.

When you purchase hemp hurds in bulk from us, you contribute to our social purpose of connecting the poor farming families with the growing global market for hemp hurds, which we are committed to achieving.

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